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Helping writers find more readers for their newsletters.

One small email at a time.

What is Read This?

Read This is a one-sentence, one-link, once-a-weekday email.

Each issue links to an article, blog, video, or other resource that provides helpful insights into building a better readership using an email newsletter.

Who is this for?

Read This is created with writers in mind, and especially nonfiction writers who have things to sell (books, courses, ideas).

That said, Read This will provide inspiration for anyone who's doing creative work and trying to connect with readers/patrons/fans via an email newsletter.

Why are the daily emails so short?

Because you've got enough to do.

And if one of those things is building a platform for your forthcoming project, every issue will help make the email marketing part of your life easier.

Why do the emails go out so often?

In 2007, armed only with an English degree, I was working as an editor at a small literary nonprofit, when all of the responsibility of the organization's email marketing was thrust upon me. (Well, all of the marketing, really).

I was totally lost until I subscribed to a daily email that completely re-wired my thinking about marketing.* Beyond the email's content, there was also something about the consistent rhythm of its arrival in my inbox that unlocked something in me and gave me the confidence to embrace my new role.

I hope that the regular cadence of Read This can help you acquire the tools you need to launch, improve, and grow your email newsletter with confidence.

* The daily email was from Seth Godin; I'll be sharing quite a bit of his thinking and writing here with you.

Who is behind Read This?

Every issue is curated and sent by Stephen Knezovich.


Hi! 👋 I'm an email marketing strategist who works with writers, artists, and arts nonprofits. I'm also a collage artist, one of the co-founders of Short Reads, and Creative Nonfiction's former marketing director.

You can contact me directly at

Email is cool.